Tell me about your pain

Let’s start with a conversation. You are probably exhausted by the way your pain is affecting your work and relationships. So Talk to me. When we tenderly peel away the layers and gently go in, we discover you’ve a lot more clarity than you thought…then with confirmation and daily guidance you can experience what’s possible.

Allow yourself to feel what it has been costing you. Let’s connect, and communicate with me what’s been on your mindWe both know that no one else wants to hear it, but I do.

And that’s where we begin. Tell me about your pain. We’ll walk this path together!

 Your Morning Movement *Cheat Sheet*

“Waking Up” 

P.S. If you want to shift your relationship to your chronic pain, there are two ways to work with me, one which involves bodywork and the other, which does not. That is the only difference. Complete this form and we will discuss which is best for you.